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What is an engagement shoot?An engagement shoot is a special day for couples who are planning to marry, the shoot is all about having fun and creating great memories.  It also gives you a chance to understand how I will be on your wedding day. Some clients opt for an engagement shoot to fulfil a specific purpose. Sometimes its for save the date cards or just for little keepsakes. Maybe to display them at your wedding reception for guests to see?. Or maybe even to showcase them on Facebook/Instagram for friends an family to see. It is a great opportunity to have some professional photos of just the two of you during this wonderful time in your lives.


01. Pick a date

The first thing that we do is choose a date for the shoot. 

02. Choose a Location

we pick a location, be it somewhere special, or maybe a trip to the north Norfolk coast (always popular).

03. On the date

we then set a time for the shoot.  On the day of the shoot itself, we will meet at the pre-determined location and get started! 


04. What do we do?

To start with, we will take a walk and stop at various locations. I am looking for beautiful light, great backgrounds and interesting compositional scenarios. I will give you gentle guides of interaction (poses) throughout the walk.

05. During the shoot

I want to see how you are together and how you're comfortable. If you are less inclined to public displays of affection, Don't worry. I won't have you do anything you are not comfortable with or that feels natural to you. Some poses will include a simple walk hand in hand away from the camera or get you stand close together holding one another.

06. After the shoot

The idea of the shoot, is to help you guys with any nerves of being photographed before the big day. Essentially, we have a laugh for 90 minutes and you come away feeling much more relaxed.​After 3-4 days I will send you around 50-70 images for you to keep. 

Engagement Session Tips.
When choosing what to wear for your session, there are a couple of essential guidelines you should follow. Let’s go over a couple of them.

Solid colours or patterns, but not for both.

It’s very important to make sure that you and your spouse choose who will be wearing the outfit with a pattern. If you want to wear polka dots, then they should wear a plain color. While each of you can wear a pattern, they need to be minimal patterns, or else you’ll get a clash of the patterns.

Don’t wear matching colours.

I know that it’s classic to match colours, but it’s 2024 now and totally played out to have perfectly matching outfits. What’s better is to wear complementary colors or closely related colors. This will give you the same “feel” of wearing exact matching outfits without dressing up like your 10-year-old family photos.

        Have Fun!

This is a time for us to capture fun photos together. While you might be worried about making sure you wear the right things or are a little nervous about posing, don’t worry. This is going to be a fun session and we’re going to have a great time!

The answers to your questions
How much are engagement shoots?
Engagement sessions are £75 if a wedding has been booked. £100 if you have not booked a wedding with me. They last up to 1hr and 30 minutes, or until I have a good selection of photographs. Video is also included.
What do they involve?
They are used for us to get to know each over better whilst getting some fantastic photographs at a location of your choice. A special place maybe?
Will there be video?
Yes! A short video will be included with the photographs, usually a 5 minute clip of the engagement session. This video is captured on a GoPro.

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